Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service

We are continually updating our facilities.

We recently completed renovations to modernize our public lavatory facilities, and behind the scene operational equipment to meet newly enacted laws covering Virginia Mortuary requirements.

We offer spacious areas for your family and friends to gather at your time of need.

Visitation Rooms:

Offer casual living room style seating, and feature wall-mounted large viewing screens for viewing the DVD photo collage celebrating the life of the deceased.

Service Chapel:

Our chapel offers a seating capacity in excess of 240 people. We also feature filming capability to record services as well as offer live internet feed for family and friends who may not be able to attend.

Reception Room & Catering

Recently we added a dedicated Reception Room. This is available to families for after service gatherings or even for the family to offer food and drink during visitation hours. Along with the use of the reception room, we provide a dedicated attendant to setup and present the food and drinks. We offer the option for the family to provide the food and drink or we can arrange for catering through our preferred provider, Ukrops Catering. Ukrops will cater everything or provide supplemental food even if the family decides to have a reception at home or another location.

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This space is available to all we serve. It is a place to gather that features tables and chairs, a soda and snack machine, and complimentary coffee. In addition there is a television to entertain children.


Ample parking for over 110 vehicles.

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