Combining a Traditional Funeral with Cremation Services

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While many people plan to be buried in a casket after they have passed away, this is not what everyone prefers. Many people wish to be cremated, and there are a great number of reasons why that might be. Lower cost is one, and lessened environmental impact is another. If you are in need of cremation services near Dale City, VA, chances are you still need funeral services as well. It’s completely normal and common to have a traditional funeral followed by cremation services.

A traditional funeral will typically begin with either a viewing or a visitation period. This often happens the day before the funeral, but in some cases, it may be held on the same day. At a viewing, the body of the deceased is displayed in a casket at the head of the room. Family and friends in attendance can walk up and take one last look at their loved one. For many people, this is a vital step in the grieving process, one which allows them to finally accept their loss. This is also a time for everyone to come and pay their respects to the immediate family of the deceased. Not everyone will be able to attend the funeral, so this gives them a different opportunity to come and offer their condolences. If your loved one chooses to be cremated, you would still have to have them embalmed for the viewing. You will also need to purchase or rent a casket for this purpose.

The next day (or later the same day), the funeral will take place. This is often led by a member of the clergy that the deceased belonged to, although you have some freedom in choosing who to lead the services. You can offer a period of time where family and friends can come up in front of everyone and share a special story or memory of the person who has passed. At this point, you might usually expect to travel to the cemetery for the burial service. However, instead, your loved one’s remains will be transported to the crematory, to undergo cremation services. At some time in the next week or so, you will be able to go and pick up their cremated remains, which come in the form of ashes. You may still choose to have a short burial service for their ashes at the cemetery, but many people go with an alternative option. This might be scattering the ashes in a special place, or simply storing them in an urn to be kept inside the home.

It’s pretty simple to see how a traditional funeral service can easily be combined with cremation. As was stated previously, not everyone wants to be buried in a casket. However, they may still desire to have the traditional funeral service take place in their honor. If you need to make these types of arrangements, don’t hesitate to contact your provider of cremation services near Dale City, VA. They can help you every step of the way, so that you don’t have to worry about all the little details amidst your grief and loss.

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