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August 17, 2020
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One of the things that you may not be sure of how to even begin is writing the eulogy for a loved one who has passed away. There will be many things that you want to say and you may not be sure of how to put them all in order. If you are getting ready to write the eulogy, it is important to know about some common mistakes people make during this process. Here are the ones that providers of cremation services in Chesterfield, VA see often.

One common mistake is not taking the time to read examples of eulogies. Although they are all unique, you can learn about the length that they should be, about the basic structure, and even about the tone that you can choose. Some are more humorous while others are very somber, and you want to have an idea of what is appropriate for your loved one’s eulogy. By reaching examples, you can really get a sense of where to begin.

Something else that you want to avoid is not putting together an outline. It can be tempting to just sit down and get started writing, but having an outline in place can ensure that you have a structure you can follow. To put this outline together, you need to have read a few eulogies.

Another common mistake that you want to avoid is including too much biographical information in the eulogy. You can add some important aspects of the person’s life, but you really want to stick to what the person meant to you. This is why it is important to add anecdotes and stories to the eulogy. You will be letting people know how your loved one impacted your life and that can only happen with examples.

cremation services in Chesterfield, VAPeople also tend to be afraid to add humor to the eulogy. Many think that it is not respectful, when in fact it can be the perfect thing to do. Humor can allow people who are listening to feel a bit of relief from the grief that they have been experiencing. If your loved one was someone who was always joking and having fun, it can feel wrong not to include that part of their personality into the eulogy, so do not worry about adding humor.

You will want to consider all of these things when getting ready to write the eulogy for a loved one. You do not want to start writing without first putting together an outline and you do not want to have to be afraid of adding humorous anecdotes to the eulogy. Be sure to also avoid putting lots of biographical details into it, since that is not as striking as showing someone with anecdotes what your loved one meant to you. To learn more about writing a eulogy or to get started with any funerary arrangements you need, you can contact a Chesterfield, VA cremation service provider like us at Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service. We are here to offer our guidance and to help you with your funerary needs. Stop by our location right now.

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