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April 20, 2020
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Having to make arrangements for a loved one who has died is always difficult because you have to do all of these things while dealing with grief. Planning a memorial service can be one of these tough things to do, since it takes lots of coordinating of services and it does take time to plan. To help you get through this process, providers of cremation services in Chester, VA have some of the dos and do nots of preparing a memorial service.

Do recruit help. You do not want to tackle this on your own, so choose a few people you can trust and who are dependable to help you. They can make phone calls to start arranging services while you deal with other aspects of the planning. You will be amazed at the benefit that having people helping you can bring.

Do not assume that the service has to be at a funeral home or religious location. You can have a memorial service in many locations. These days, lots of people are choosing to have these services at home. This is easy to do when you have an urn to carry and not a casket, so it is more feasible after a cremation.

Do think about the kind of music you want to include. This does not have to be only religious music or classical music. Lots of people think that those are the only choices allowed, but that is not the case. You can have a service with music of all kinds. Why not put together a playlist of pieces that your loved one enjoyed? This can be an especially beautiful touch.

Do not skip the reception if possible. This is where people can really get to mingle and chat in community, offering each other the kind of comfort that they need. The reception does not have to be elaborate. You can easily have it at the same location where the service takes places or anywhere else. Some people choose to have it at home while others prefer a place like the funeral home.

Do consider sending invitations with RSVPs, especially if you have a reception afterward. This will allow you to really have an idea of the number of people who will be present. For this, lots of people choose to send out electronic invitations, since they are easier to monitor.

These are all important dos and do nots that can allow you to plan the memorial service for a loved one with less stress. You should definitely have help and you want to ensure that the provider of the funerary services that you have chosen offers you the support you need. You can start planning the memorial service for a loved one by reaching out to a Chester, VA cremation service provider like us at Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service. We are ready to make this process easier and to help with all of the arrangements. Give us a call today.

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