Finding Different Types of Memorial Jewelry

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Memorial jewelry is one of many different ways to keep your loved one close to you after they are gone. There are several different kinds you can find, some of which use a person’s ashes after cremation services near Midlothian, VA, and some of which do not. Here are a few of the different kinds of memorial jewelry you might find.

One of the most common kinds of memorial jewelry is pieces that are made to hold a small quantity of a person’s ashes. These have an unobtrusive vessel that can hold a part of your loved one close to you. There is a huge variety of charms and styles available so that you can find something that fits closest to the memories and associations you have of your loved one. These are nice for larger families, because multiple different family members can purchase a different piece of jewelry of their choosing, and each person can keep a part of their loved one close with it.

If you want to go a little further with it, you can find memorial jewelry made from diamonds that are created using your loved one’s ashes. These companies will take your loved one’s cremated remains and use them to form an actual, genuine, diamond. Diamonds are known for being hardy, long-lasting, scratch-resistant, and most importantly, they are gorgeous gems to look at and admire. Imagine having a diamond that was created using your loved one’s ashes. This piece would hold even more meaning than any other store-bought piece of jewelry could contain. Additionally, it can eventually become a valuable and meaningful family heirloom, which can be passed down through the generations.

Perhaps your loved one wanted a traditional burial, but you would still like to find a piece of memorial jewelry to wear that represents them in a personal way. You may want to look into thumbprint jewelry. These items are created using your loved one’s actual thumbprint, which can be engraved into a charm made of a precious metal. You can feel the grooves of their actual fingerprint against your skin. These pieces do not require a person’s ashes, and so they are available to anybody, regardless of what kind of disposition they have chosen to go with. They come in a variety of different styles, and you can choose one that you feel best represents the memory and personality of your loved one.

Each type of memorial jewelry is different and serves a slightly different purpose. However, all of them are the same in the way that they make you feel as if a piece of your loved one is close to you at all times. They are also special because multiple family members and even friends can purchase them, allowing many different people to keep a part of that person with them. Your provider of cremation services near Midlothian, VA, can show you what kind of merchandise they have available. Then you can choose one that best fits your memory of the person you want to keep close.

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