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Cremations have become much more common in the past few decades. This is because people have realized that it can be a less costly alternative than traditional burial and that it can also help the environment in a way that burial cannot. If you are thinking of having a loved one cremated, there are probably a few questions you may have about the process. Below we have the most asked questions about cremations in Colonial Heights, VA.

Is Embalming Necessary?

Embalming can be an added expense that not everyone wants to pay for. Cremation does not need there to be any embalming at all, though some do choose to have it anyway. If you are planning on having a viewing before the cremation, it can be a good idea to go for embalming, since it will preserve the body for the occasion. If not, there is no need for it and the funeral home cannot force you to choose that option.

What Size Urn is Right?

Urns come in a variety of sizes. Depending on the weight of the individual whose ashes it will hold, one option might be better than another. The majority of adult urns hold up to 200 cubic inches. Larger ones are companion urns, where two sets of ashes can be held. These usually have room for up to 400 cubic inches. If you want to divide the ashes among the family, then a keepsake urn can be a good idea. There are urns for children, as well, and infants. Ask a company in Colonial Heights, VA for cremations information to ensure you are choosing the right urn.

Is Buying the Urn from the Funeral Home a Must?

No. You can purchase the urn from anywhere. Some people buy them online while others have containers already that they want to use. Depending on your personal preference, you can buy from wherever you like and the funeral home cannot do anything to stop you.

What can be Done with Remains?

There are a number of things that you can do with the remains once you receive them. You can scatter the ashes in a meaningful location, or you can place them in keepsake urns to keep at home. You can purchase a niche in a columbarium at a cemetery so that you can visit when you want to. There are other options, too, such as placing the ashes with seeds that will grow into a tree or shrub.

All of these questions are ones that are common from people who are choosing cremation over burial of a loved one. Speaking with the funeral home you have chosen can ensure that you get answers to any concerns you may have. With cremations in Colonial Heights, VA, we at Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service can help. We will provide all the answers you need. Visit us at 6500 Iron Bridge Rd. Richmond, VA 23234 or call us at 804-275-7828!

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