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Important Details to Consider When Planning Cremations and Funeral Services in Matoaca, VA

Choosing a funeral home in Matoaca, VA is the first thing that needs to be considered when you lose someone that you love. Usually, a funeral home is the first phone call that is made because you need to make arrangements for the transportation of the body. Plus, you need to have the strength and support that comes from the experience of a funeral director.

Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service have been serving families in the area for many years. Our company has been here since the end of the Civil War, offering funeral and cremation services for more than 138 years. We know that it can be a challenge to plan a funeral for a family member. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible so that we can oversee the logistics and details that need to be addressed during this difficult time.

The Pursuit of Excellence in the Funeral Home Industry

Our company is working to offer unbeatable services for families in Matoaca, VA, and the nearby cities. We believe that you deserve custom, respectful funeral services that match the preference of the deceased. So, we are looking at options to improve the services that are provided. One of the ways that we review and improve our offerings is by striving for the “Pursuit of Excellence” recognition each year.

This award showcases the quality of service that we offer. But, more importantly, we have the opportunity to review the performance of our team. By offering innovative options, we can strive for better results and improved services for your family.

When you choose our funeral home, you will receive the caring, custom funeral services that you deserve. We don’t take it lightly that you chose our company to help with the responsibility of planning a funeral for someone that you love. So, we always offer the respect and care that you deserve every step of the way.

Face-to-Face Funeral Planning

Whether you are designing a day for a traditional funeral or a contemporary event, we are here to assist. You will find many details here on our website, helping you explore the options that we can provide. Another option is to contact our team if you would like to schedule a face-to-face meeting for the funeral planning.

We are always available to answer your questions. It is common for families to need support with the details behind the scenes that are required before, during, and after the funeral. Our goal is to listen to your needs, then handle the logistics so that you can focus on your family.

These funeral home services are designed to be customized according to your preferences. You can choose everything from the location of the event to the type of program that is offered. We will listen to your desires, consider the needs of the family, and evaluate the requests of the deceased. Together we can create the perfect funeral plan.

Full-Service Funerals and Cremations

As you learn more about our services, you will see that we provide everything that you require. These full-service solutions give you the flexibility to plan any type of funeral that you prefer. For example, some people decide that cremations are the right solutions. Then, they pair the cremation with a traditional funeral.

If you are looking for alternative places to lay the person to rest, then you should consider the benefits of cremation over casket burial. Traditional burial requires that a casket is placed in a cemetery plot. On the other hand, you have a variety of options if you choose cremation. The ashes can be kept at home, distributed to family members, or you might choose to scatter the ashes somewhere that is special to your family.

Depending on your preferences, our team usually spends between 20 and 40 hours working on the logistics. We take care of the paperwork, transportation, arrangements, and more.

Benefits of Funeral Pre-Planning

There’s no reason to wait for a funeral to be scheduled before you start working on the plan for the day. Instead, consider the benefits of pre-planning:

  • Reduce the stress on your family members
  • Eliminate the guesswork of planning a funeral
  • Choose the details to match your desires
  • Pre-pay so that your family doesn’t need to carry the financial burden

We are happy to assist with pre-planning. These services make it simple for you to design a funeral for yourself. We will keep the information on file, making it an easy process for your family when it is time to schedule the funeral.

For more information about cremations and funerals in Matoaca, VA, you need to contact Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service: 6500 Iron Bridge Rd., Richmond, VA 23234. Call our funeral home anytime if you have questions about the services that are available: (804) 275-7828


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