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In 2013, 2014 and 2015 Morrissett was one of two funeral homes in the State of Virginia awarded the "Pursuit of Excellence" award by the National Funeral Directors Association. This award only goes to the top one percent of funeral providers out of 22,000 that are eligible. Service is what separates us from the rest. Simply, we invest more man-hours into each service in addition to providing more innovative and unique types of services.

Even with these high accomplishments, the greatest recognition we can receive is being chosen by a family and entrusted to care for their loved ones. You may call us at (804) 275-7828 or reach us through our contact form here.

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Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service have been serving families in the Richmond area, including Richmond, VA, and the nearby cities, for more than 138 years. These funeral home services started just after the Civil War, and we have maintained a focus of respect and care for every family that chooses our services. Not only do we offer traditional funerals, but we can also assist with cremations and other alternative funeral options.

Many things impact a family's decision to choose a funeral home. As you learn more about our services, we hope that you will choose our company to support your needs during this challenging time and provide you with peace of mind.

What Makes Our Company Unique?

Why does Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service stand out from the other funeral homes in the industry? Every year, we compete for the “Pursuit of Excellence” recognition. Not only do we want to win the award. But, more importantly, we are looking for an ongoing review of the performance of our company. We are striving to offer innovations in the industry, giving us the ability to provide the best services for our customers.

We don’t take it for granted that customers come to us during a difficult life experience. We hold this responsibility with respect. So, we are working hard to provide caring, thoughtful service for every family that contacts us for assistance with funeral and cremation planning.

Our company is locally owned, giving you the face-to-face support that you need before, during, and after the funeral. You can rest assured to know that you will receive personalized services every step of the way. Our goal is to cater the funeral and cremation to match your preferences. Together, we can design a day that will create a memorable experience for everyone in attendance, giving you peace of mind throughout the process.

Quality of Funeral Services You Can Expect from Our Team

Many funeral homes follow a cookie-cutter approach, looking for ways to reduce costs and maximize profits from each service. In comparison, our family-owned business is always looking for ways to improve the customer experience while maintaining competitive pricing. We know that funeral services can be expensive. Instead of making you feel like you need to cut corners because of costs, our goal is to help you create a beautiful, personalized, affordable event.

A typical funeral home will provide one or two attendants for the funeral service. The rest of the work and direction is left to the family to take care of the details of the day. At Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service, we want to be sure that you have the support that you need in the Richmond area. These services are designed to give you the ability to focus on the needs of your family. So, we always provide three to five staff members to assist the family at every event. If a full, traditional funeral service is planned with a procession that ends at the cemetery, then we will have six to seven staff members available to assist.

Not only will you see the hands-on support that happens at the funeral, but a lot is going on behind the scenes to ensure the success of the funeral or cremation. Preparation often includes 20 to 40 hours of work behind the scenes, including paperwork, printed materials, audio/visual support, and respectful care for the deceased.

Cost of Funeral and Cremation in Richmond, VA

There are several factors that can affect the cost of a funeral or cremation. The type of service and the location of the funeral home are two of the biggest factors. The cost of caskets and other funeral services can also add significantly to the final bill.

Many families choose to have a cremation because it is more affordable than a traditional burial. However, there are also many other benefits to choosing cremation. Cremated remains can be buried, scattered, or kept in an urn. They can also be included in a columbarium or other form of memorial.

If you are considering a funeral or cremation, it is important to compare the costs of different providers. You should also ask about any additional fees that may apply. By doing your research, you can find the best option for your family and your budget.

Richmond, Virginia is home to many funeral homes and cremation providers. The cost of a funeral or cremation in Richmond varies depending on the provider, but the average cost for a basic cremation is around $1,000. The average cost for a traditional funeral with burial is about $8,000. If you are planning to have an open-casket service, the average cost of a funeral or memorial service in Richmond is about $6,500.

It is also important to note that there are benefits to choosing cremation. Cremated remains can be buried, scattered, or kept in an urn. They can also be included in a columbarium or other form of memorial. For families who do not want their loved one's body embalmed and placed into a casket before burial or cremation, direct cremation without a visitation may save as well as time and stress. When choosing cremation, the average cost is about $2,000.

If you are looking for a less expensive funeral option in Richmond, consider planning a home funeral. This involves preparing the body for burial or cremation at home and may include services such as consulting with a funeral director, legal paperwork, transportation of the body, and more. Home funerals can cost as little as $300 but typically range from $600 to $1,500.

No matter what option you choose, it is important to plan ahead and discuss your options with a funeral director. They can help you find the most affordable solution while still providing a meaningful and respectful service for your loved one.

Choosing Funeral and Cremation Details for Your Loved One

You only have one chance to create a memorable funeral and achieve peace of mind. So, it is essential that you tap into the experienced services that we offer. Our team works hard to strive for excellence with every event, giving you the support and respect that you need every step of the way.

We go above and beyond to provide the customized services that support the goals of your family. You will love the technology that can be incorporated into the day, such as a video tribute to play for attendees. Also, we can provide a webcast service so that friends and family can attend the event virtually, even if they are unable to be physically present in the Richmond area. These video recording services are used to provide a copy of the meeting to the family. You won’t incur any additional charges for the audio/visual services that we offer.

Support for Planning a Funeral

Pre-planning is a great solution if you want to reduce the stress when the funeral is scheduled. If you choose pre-planning, then you can select the details of the day to reduce the burden on your family after you pass away, giving you peace of mind.

But, there are times when funerals need to be scheduled without a plan in place. In these circumstances, we can ask the right questions to offer fast, effective services that are designed to match your requests.

Is it time to plan a funeral or cremation in Richmond, VA? Then you need to talk to our caring team at Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service. Our family-focused funeral home is located at 6500 Iron Bridge Rd., Richmond, VA 23234. Call if you have questions before you visit our location: (804) 275-7828


Funeral & Cremation FAQs

Will pre-planning help me save money?

  • It is impossible to know if rates will go up or down in the future, but the projection is that they will keep going up, meaning that funerary services will cost much more in the future. To ensure that you do not have to worry about this, preplanning the services you want can be the perfect solution. Click here to learn more about other pre-planning benefits here.

Advice when choosing the right funeral home in Richmond, VA?

  • Speak with the funeral home director. It is important to speak with the funeral home director to get a sense of the person. You want someone who is ready to help and who wants to make things easier for everyone in your family through this difficult moment. If it is too hard getting a hold of the director or if they are not personable, choose someone else. Read about our funeral director here.

How long does cremation take?

  • It depends on the weight of the individual. For an average size adult, cremation takes from two to three hours at normal operating temperature between 1,500 degrees F to 2,000 degrees Learn more about cremation here.
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