How Cremation Reduces Your Environmental Impact

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Many people today are becoming more aware of how their actions can negatively impact the environment. Every choice you make carries with it some effect on the world around you, even when it comes to your final arrangements. Cremation services near Dale City, VA, provides a “greener” option when compared to traditional burial. If you or your loved one had a passion for protecting the planet, you may want to consider cremation services for these reasons.

To begin with, traditional burial directly impacts the planet by requiring a plot of land for every person buried. While one small plot may seem insignificant, over time they add up to require large amounts of land, as well as contributing to overcrowded cemeteries. With cremation, the person’s remains come in the form of ashes. These can be buried, and often multiple family members’ ashes can all be placed in one burial plot. This can significantly save on the use of land. Alternatively, you can find biodegradable urns that can be buried in earth or at sea. These quickly break down into natural elements, returning your loved one’s remains safely back into the environment. Often, people choose not to bury their loved one’s ashes at all. In this way, the effect on the environment is lessened compared to traditional burial.

Another benefit is that cremation does not require a casket. Caskets are often made from valuable hard wood, and many include metal and other non-biodegradable materials. These caskets will sit underground for many years to come without ever fully breaking back down into the earth. The amount of hardwood buried in some cemeteries is enough to build an entire neighborhood’s worth of houses. These are valuable resources that are not being used. By choosing cremation, you avoid these issues altogether.

Cremation services Dale City, VAEmbalming is another process that is often associated with a traditional funeral and burial. This process slows the natural degradation process, allowing for viewing prior to the funeral. It uses toxic chemicals that can be harmful if introduced into the ground. They remain with the person after they have been buried, and can have a detrimental effect on the surrounding earth. With cremation, embalming is seldom utilized, and when it is, the chemicals are not released into the environment.

When you take these factors into consideration, it’s easy to see how cremation services can be better for the environment than traditional burial. However, cremation is not a perfect process. It does release harmful greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide. You must also make sure that the crematory removes any dental fillings, as these may contain mercury which can be vaporized and enter the atmosphere during cremation. While these byproducts are not ideal, the point remains that overall cremation has a smaller impact on the environment when compared to burial. It’s worth considering if your loved one was passionate about protecting the earth. Contact your local funeral home to learn more about cremation services near Dale City, VA. They can help you whether you want to plan ahead or if you are in immediate need.

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