How Do Funerals Compare to Memorial Services?

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Having to plan a funeral or a memorial service for a loved one is difficult. You’re grieving a loss, trying to be there for your family, and faced with many tough decisions all along the way. Fortunately, your funeral home near Midlothian, VA, is there to help you through this daunting process. You may not be sure whether you want to hold a traditional funeral for your loved one, or if you should have a memorial service in their honor instead. It might help to know the differences and similarities between the two, so that you can make a more informed decision.

To begin with, let’s address the main difference between a traditional funeral and a memorial service. This essentially boils down to the presence or absence of the bodily remains of the person who has passed away. A funeral takes place with the remains present, usually held within a casket. The casket may be open or closed throughout the service, depending on the circumstances and the preferences of the family. A memorial service, on the other hand, proceeds without the bodily remains present. This is the most essential difference between the two types of services, but it leads to some other differentiations as well.

Because the funeral requires the presence of the person’s bodily remains, there is a much shorter time period in which it can take place. If they choose to have a funeral, the family must act relatively quickly when it comes to making arrangements. Your funeral home will be able to help you through this process with ease, so that you can endure it with as little stress as possible. Funerals typically take place either at the funeral home or at a person’s place of worship. The services are led by someone chosen by the family, and there is a eulogy that is often delivered by a close family member or friend. You can add in other aspects, such as a special song or reading, to make the funeral more personal to your loved one.

A memorial service can look quite similar to the previously described funeral, but it does not have a casket present. This means that it can happen in some other alternative locations, such as an outdoor setting or a gathering hall. Additionally, you will have more freedom when it comes to planning the date of the memorial service. If you have lots of families who must make travel arrangements, or you want to wait for a warmer season, you have the ability to plan the memorial service according to your needs.

Both traditional funerals and memorial services can help family and friends process their loss, and they provide a step in the process of acceptance as well. Your funeral home near Midlothian, VA, can help you make arrangements, and they will make sure that nothing is overlooked or forgotten. They will also take on as many of the responsibilities involved as possible so that you and your family can focus on being together and adjusting to your loss.

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