How is a Memorial Service Different from a Funeral?

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A traditional funeral is similar to a memorial service in many ways, but there are some key differences. Essentially, a funeral service has the body of the deceased present, while a memorial service doesn’t. However, there are many more subtle differences as well. If your loved one has chosen cremation services near Chesterfield, VA, you will likely hold a memorial service in their honor rather than a traditional funeral (although there are many exceptions to this). It’s worth looking further into the differences between the two types of final arrangements.

A funeral usually precedes a traditional burial. It typically follows a viewing or visitation, which takes place either earlier on the same day or the day before. Normally, it takes place in a funeral home or at a chosen place of worship. Whether the family chooses to have an open- or closed-casket ceremony, the body is always present during the services at a traditional funeral. Someone is chosen to officiate the services, and sometimes people in attendance are given the opportunity to come up and share a memory of the deceased. Immediately after the funeral, the body is taken either to the cemetery for a burial ceremony, or less commonly, to the crematory to undergo cremation.

A memorial service is different from a traditional funeral in several ways. The main way that a memorial service differs is the absence of the departed’s body during the services. A memorial service typically takes place after cremation. It offers several freedoms that a traditional funeral does not offer. One example of this is the ability to plan the memorial service later on, whether you want to wait for warmer months, or you have family and friends who must make travel arrangements. A funeral must typically take place within a few days after death, while a memorial service has no such requirements. While a memorial service can certainly occur in a funeral home or a place of worship, many people choose to have alternative arrangements. For instance, it could be held in a banquet or gathering hall, or it could even take place in a park or at someone’s home. Whatever you choose for your loved ones will depend on their preferences and your specific circumstances. And don’t forget to have a post-funeral reception after a long day of attending the services, everyone will likely be ready for a meal. Family and friends can reminisce, tell stories, and share memories of the deceased.

cremation services near Chesterfield, VADepending on what your loved one had chosen for their final arrangements, you will likely move forward with either a traditional funeral or a memorial service. If you will be utilizing cremation services near Chesterfield, VA, you have the freedom to choose either a funeral or a memorial service in honor of your loved one. If you want more freedom to plan the services at a later date, then a memorial service is your best bet. If you prefer things to be more traditional or you have particular religious customs that you must follow, a funeral and burial may be a better choice. Your family and funeral home can help you decide which path is best, and that way you can honor your loved one’s memory in the best way possible.

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