How to Choose a Headstone

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November 23, 2020
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When making funerary arrangements for a burial, something that you want to consider is the kind of marker that you want for the grave. There are lots of options to choose from and you may not be sure about the right one for your needs. One of the most common options is to buy a headstone. If you are thinking of purchasing a headstone, directors of funeral homes in Dale City, VA want you to know a few simple things.


Headstones are not the same as grave markers. Grave markers are meant to be temporary, and are put in place only until the headstone is in place. This is because grave markers are not made of durable materials, while headstones are. This is something that you definitely want to remember as you make the choice of what to purchase.


Another thing to remember is that headstones can take some time to be finished. If you are getting a large headstone or one that has a very intricate design, you may have to wait longer. If the company you have chosen is one that is very popular, you may even have to wait for them to finish other headstones before they can start on yours. It is important to be patient when getting a headstone.


You also want to remember that headstones can be made of different materials. Most people think that they can only be made of stone, marble, or granite, but that is not the case. Although these are the most common options, you can also opt for metal. Steel headstones are an option that is becoming much more popular because of how durable they can be. They are also a bit more expensive, so do remember that as you decide on the kind of material you choose for the headstone.


It is important to ask about the kind of headstones that the cemetery allows. You do not want to end up purchasing a headstone that you cannot use. This is something that you want to ask early in the process, because some cemeteries do not allow certain types of headstones and others prefer a more uniform look so they have requirements that you will need to follow. Ask about this before deciding.

funeral homes in Dale City, VA

There are lots of things that you will want to think about before making a decision on the kind of headstone that you choose. Take the time to speak with the cemetery and be sure to also consider the kind of material that the headstone should be made of. Take the time to speak with the provider of the headstones to get an estimate on how long the headstone will take to be finished. To learn more about the kind of headstones that you should consider, reach out to a Dale City, VA funeral home like us at Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service. Our team is here to ensure that you make the right choices for your loved one. Stop by our location today or call us now.

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