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April 8, 2019
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April 17, 2019

Funerary services are expensive, whether you choose cremation or burial. If you are having trouble paying for the services that you want for your loved one, there are ways that you can help yourself. For those of you who need assistance, turning to Colonial Heights, VA funeral homes for suggestions and guidance can be a good idea.  

Starting a crowdfunding project can be an excellent way of funding funerary services. These days, it is very easy to do this, since there are online platforms that can be shared on social media. You can set the amount of money that you are asking for and write a great explanation of what you will be using the funds for. Although you can always turn to in-person donations, it is much easier to keep track of the funds and to deposit them directly to your account when you use online crowdfunding sites. 

You can also ask for people to donate flowers for the service. Flower arrangements can be very expensive and if you do not have the means to buy them yourself, you may feel as if your loved one is not getting the service that they deserve. When sending out the obituary and the funeral or memorial service invitations, request that people bring flowers to help decorate the location. Guest will always welcome the chance of participating in the service and this can make it possible.  

Another way of paying for funerary expenses is to have a fundraiser of some sort. Some people do bake sales or garage sales, others have concerts with volunteer performers. Any kind of event can become a fundraiser and can help with the costs. To make this event a successful one, be sure to let your family members and friends know about it and post it all over your social media.  

You should also look for federal assistance. Social security benefits apply to some people, which can help cover some costs. This can only happen if you let social security know as soon as possible about the death, so be sure that they are alerted. If your loved one was a veteran, they may even qualify for free funerary services, so be sure to check with the VA to learn more about this option.  

All of these options can help you pay for some or all of the services you require after the death of a loved one. If you are working with a limited budget, cremation is usually the right choice, but you can also ask for burial services that do not include embalming, which can save you money. Speak with the funeral home in Colonial Heights, VA that you are considering hiring to see how they can help you through this process. Get started by contacting Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service. We offer excellent rates and the best services in the area. Learn more by visiting us at 6500 Iron Bridge Rd Richmond, VA 23234 or calling us at (804) 275-7828. 

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