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Spring is here! Everywhere we look there are signs of growth and new life. Buds are forming on the tips of tree branches, reaching up towards the warmth of the sun. Tiny green shoots push their way through the soil for the first time, unfurling their tender leaves. Small animals can be seen scurrying about searching for food after a cold winter. The church also celebrates Easter Sunday, with the hope borne by a triumphant cross and an empty tomb. All these changes can begin to stir something within our souls as well, and we may realize the need for our own resurrection.

This winter has seemed exceptionally long. It feels as if we have been in a perpetual winter since the start of the Pandemic last year. It felt like life was put on hold. Since then there has been many trials. Times of despair and loss, of grief and waiting. We found ourselves in the darkness and silence of isolation, much like the silent tomb after the body of Jesus was laid to rest. In those dark days after the cross it seemed as if all hope was lost, but resurrection was coming.

Many of us are longing, aching for the change and new life brought by spring. For revitalization, invigoration, reawakening. But in order for change to occur something has to die. The old shall pass away, and the new comes to be. Growth does not occur without a few growing pains.

A seed goes into the ground, but in order for a new plant to grow the essence of the seed must change. It must give itself up completely, be broken down, split apart, so that something different can emerge from inside. Something that will break through the dark of the earth and reach up and see the sun. Something alive and strong and beautiful.

So it is with us. If we wish to see new growth in our lives we have to be willing to give up part of who we used to be. What was sleeping within us needs to awaken. We must also experience the discomfort that comes from change & even loss, and allow it to shape and teach us. That new growth should then be nurtured through self-care, feeding our soul, strengthening our relationships, and listening to what our bodies need.

Resurrection can also happen when we experience change that is out of our control. Sometimes we lose people we love, we lose our health, our financial stability. Yet even in those darkest days we can find unprecedented opportunities for growth. Unexpected layoffs may spur a long-desired career change. Health struggles may help someone develop an inner strength they never knew they had. The death of a loved one, as heartbreaking and difficult as it may be, often causes families to grow even closer together & form a greater appreciation for the devoted bonds of family. We would not wish for these losses to happen, but even if the midst of sorrow there are lessons that can help guide & bolster us for the days ahead, if only we let them.

Are you in need of resurrection today? Do you need to feel the warmth of the spring sun and experience a change in your life? If so, take a look around you and within you. What is holding you back from becoming something new? What changes do you need to make, and what do you need to let go? What are the lessons that can be learned from your current struggle, and how can it strengthen you? How can you feed your soul to encourage new growth? What part of yourself has been asleep, been hidden for far too long?

My wish for you this spring is that you will find hope and experience resurrection. Seek out and embrace the things that help you feel alive. Inspiration is all around you, if you just take the time to look.

Happy Easter, from all of us at Morrissett.


~Jennifer Roberts Bittner
Funeral Celebrant/Life Tribute Specialist

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