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July 17, 2018
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Having a loved one go through a mourning period can be heartbreaking. Most people do not know how to best offer comfort when it comes to a death. This is something that Matoaca, VA cremation service providers see all the time, especially among married people. If your spouse is grieving and you are at a loss about what to do, we have some suggestions that can make this difficult time easier for both of you.

Listen Actively

Probably the most important thing you can do for your spouse is to listen to them. Many people try to hide their grief from their partners, so it can be very good idea to let them know that crying and expressing themselves is completely fine. Once your loved one starts speaking about how they feel, try not to interrupt. Ask a few questions but be sure you are actively listening. It may seem like a simple thing to do, but it can make going through a mourning period much easier.

Offer Specific Help

Most people make vague offers of help when trying to provide it for a loved one, but the best thing to do is to offer specific assistance. Why not offer to cook a meal or to go shopping for them? When going through a grieving period, everything can demand a huge effort, so having someone who will do small tasks can be a huge benefit for your loved one. Cremation service providers in Matoaca, VA see this all of the time and they know that even running small errands for your grieving spouse can be of invaluable help.

Be a Spokesperson

Lots of people will want to offer their condolences to your loved one. For many, this can be an exhausting thing since it can require phone calls and hosting people in your home. Not everyone is up to this while grieving. If your spouse is not, it is up to you to become their spokesperson. You can make those phone calls and receive people at the house without disturbing your loved one. You can also be the one to send out the invitations for the funeral services. These easy things can make a huge difference in the stress level your loved one has as they go through their grieving process.

Offer Comfort

Simple comforts like running a hot bath, offering your spouse a massage, or lots of other things can be a way to help them relieve some stress. It does not have to be something elaborate in order to be effective. Anything that can bring your loved one a sense of well-being can help them heal a bit faster.

Knowing what to do for a spouse who has lost a loved one can ensure that your own stress levels do not get too high. By listening and offering specific help, you will be doing what your spouse most needs. A Matoaca, VA cremation service provider like ours, Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Services, can provide you with even more information. We are located at 6500 Iron Bridge Rd. Richmond, VA 23234 and you can reach us at 804-275-7828. Call now!

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