Jeffrey Lee Glidewell

Jeffrey Lee Glidewell

September 04, 1963 - December 23, 2020
Cartersville, Virginia

Jeffrey Lee Glidewell

September 04, 1963 - December 23, 2020
Cartersville, Virginia


Jeffrey Lee Glidewell lives in Cartersville, Virginia, passed away at the age of 57.
Born on September 04, 1963 and passed away on December 23, 2020.

Graveside Service

  • Date & Time: January 06, 2021 (11:00 AM)
  • Venue: Dale Memorial Park
  • Location: 10201 Newbys Bridge Road Chesterfield, VA 23832 - (Get Directions)
  • Phone Number: 8049058637

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9 responses to Jeffrey Lee Glidewell

  1. Emily We are so sorry for the loss of your son Jeffery. Your family is in our prayers. May God bless you, keep you close and bring you peace in Jesus name.

  2. R.I.P. Jeff, you were a great brother and friend. We will miss you very much !!

  3. Kathy Pettus says:

    Emily, I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time.

  4. Kelley says:

    Jeff was a great friend for over forty years and I miss him so much! My family adored him and my Dad called him the original MacGyver. He could fix anything and make something out of a pile of nothing. He had the best laugh and was so funny, but what I loved most was his affinity for all creatures and his care for those less fortunate. You raised a fine man and I am a better person to have been able to call him friend. He loved you all dearly and I know is in a better place. My sincere condolences to you all!

    1. Hi Kelly. hopefully you remember me. George and my wife Michelle Humphrey? It’s been a long time and who knows if this will reach you but I just heard about Jeff and I’m so sorry. I also feel terrible about being a stubborn fool. Jeff has been and always will be in memories as a close friend, teacher, confidant, and at the beginning, the best neighbor I ever had. We were very close for years after first meeting him on Mc kay Ave. I now live 4 miles from where we hunted together on Bear Island property in Amelia. I tell stories of going hunting and his determined disposition when it came to finding the right spot. He was always convinced that without paying your dues you wouldn’t get what you were hunting! That included an hour plus hike to a spot scoped since August, staying 8 plus hours, using primitive weapons, killing a ten point buck (Wallhanger), dragging that deer for 6 hours in the dark, and fully processing until finished. Twice! I laugh thinking about drinking in a bar until 2 am. Grabbing 2 hours sleep and hearing that old chevy step side fire up and you better be out there. Hungover and nearly puking from the exhaust leak, ride with him flying down Genito at 4:30am to make the hour plus hike so he could be the stand 30 minutes before daybreak! We connected on many levels with auto mechanics and love/hate of motorcycles and all things that ran. I love to think about some of the trips from my house on Mt. Hermon. Taking the RR tracks and trail beside it for 6 hours until reaching the Appomattox River just because. Spring Gobbler hunting on property near Troy’s house in Skinquarter. It rained all morning and I got lost for 4 hours coming out. Thinking I was gonna have to cross a swamp to figure it out, I heard a faint engine puttering on the other side stop and get quiet. Then a distant voice “Hooty-whooo”. I hollered back and followed that until finally seeing him. After all was done and healing from the seed ticks up to my neck that showed up in the days after and bleeding from briars still didn’t tarnish an encounter with a doe that I couldn’t wait to tell him about. Jeff was a big influence then and really instilled things in me that shapes decisions today. I really miss him and wish I would have tried make an effort to patch things up. Mark Little would update me now and then but they ended becoming estranged as well. My daughter is now 17 and I wish she could have met him and guess I always thought it work out someday. Jeff and I were and I still am stricken with bull headed stubbornness that allowed years to go by without mending. My foolish pride and knowing Jeff could cut you out like a switch and roll on somehow gave credence to the excuse for not extending the olive branch. I know you were a big part of his life in many ways and I’m sorry for your loss. I can still hear that laugh he had. It’s been a few years but I really would appreciate it if you get this to please contact me.


      Cell# 804-901-6117

  5. Tina Gulley says:

    Sorry for your loss. May the memories shared by friends and family comfort you all.

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