Planning a Scattering Ceremony for Your Loved One

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Many people who choose cremation services near Dale City, VA, wish for their ashes to be scattered. Usually, there is a special or meaningful place where they want their remains to be spread. This is a great way to return your loved one’s ashes to a place that they held dear in their life, whether it’s a spot that holds fond childhood memories, or a favorite vacation place. Here are some ideas that can help you to plan a memorable scattering ceremony for your loved one.

Research the Location

Scattering ashes is not always allowed everywhere you go. If it’s on your own or a family member or friend’s private property, you must simply obtain their permission. However, if it’s on some other type of private property, or in a public place such as a park or beach, you must obtain permission from either the owner or the local authorities. Most waterways have local regulations about scattering ashes, as well. If your loved one wished to have their remains scattered at sea, you are required to travel at least three miles away from shore. Knowing ahead of time where you can go and what is allowed will help your day go much more smoothly.

Decide Who to Invite

Some families may wish for a very small and intimate gathering for their loved one’s scattering ceremony. Perhaps just a few immediate family members will be invited to attend. Other families may wish for a larger group of family and friends to be present. Every situation will be different, and it’ll be up to you to decide who should come and say their goodbyes.

cremation services near Dale City, VAUnique Details

You may wish to include a special aspect, like hiring someone to perform your loved one’s favorite song or incorporating flowers or other biodegradable extras into the scattering ceremony. You might want to hire a member of the clergy to lead a short service prior to the spreading of your loved one’s ashes. You could offer a chance for those attending to share a special memory of your loved one. Another thing to decide is whether you want everyone to spread a small amount of ashes, or if you or a close family member should do it while everyone else witnesses it. If there are any particular cultural customs that could be tied into the ceremony, you may consider incorporating these as well.

These are a few ideas to help you in planning a scattering ceremony for your loved one. Make sure to do your research before you choose a location, deciding who should attend, and incorporating personal details can make the experience even more memorable and special. Ask your provider of cremation services near Dale City, VA, for additional help with planning, as well as to purchase any items that can help you and your family scatter your loved one’s ashes. You and your family will feel peace in knowing that you have sent your loved one’s remains off in a way that will allow them to return to a place that they loved in life.

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