Scattering Ashes Vs. Biodegradable Urns

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When a person has chosen to be cremated, there are many ways for their family to memorialize them with their ashes. They can store them in an urn within their home, keeping them close at all times. They could have their ashes interred by burial, or placed inside a niche in a columbarium. Many people want their ashes to be scattered in a place that held meaning and fond memories for them. Your provider of cremation services near Midlothian, VA, can help provide you with the items that you might need to accomplish this. Some people use a biodegradable urn to return their loved ones to a natural place, while others choose to scatter their ashes. There are a few differences between the two, and which one you choose will depend on your needs and preferences.

To start with, biodegradable urns are exactly what they sound like. They are vessels made to hold a person’s cremated remains, and they’re made from materials that will break down into the environment in a natural way. They come in different styles and shapes, so you can choose one that reflects your loved one’s personality in life. Biodegradable urns are most commonly used for water burials. If the person wanted their remains to be buried at sea or in the ocean, a biodegradable urn is an excellent way to do this. Once you release them into the water, they will float for a short while, and then gently sink under the water into the sea. There, your loved one’s remains will slowly be released into the peaceful underwater environment as the urn biodegrades.

You can also scatter a person’s ashes into the ocean or sea, but it’s also easier to scatter them in other places than it might be to use a biodegradable urn. For instance, if they wanted their remains to be spread in a park, on a piece of private property, or even somewhere like a golf course or stadium, then scattering will be your best option. Most of these places require permission to scatter there, while you can always place ashes in the ocean or sea as long as you travel at least three nautical miles away from shore. Scattering can also be beneficial if the person wanted their ashes to be placed in several different locations. In addition to this, if there are multiple people who wish to take part in the scattering, then this is possible. With a biodegradable urn, it doesn’t really work that way.

Both scattering and biodegradable urns are good ways to bring a person’s remains back to a meaningful place. For some people, this is more important and appealing than being laid to rest in a cemetery or columbarium. They could have had a significant life event take place there, or they may have just made many fond memories there throughout the years. Either way, your provider of cremation services near Midlothian, VA, will be able to help you put together arrangements. They have different items available for purchase that will help you with scattering, and they have a variety of biodegradable urns available as well. That way, you can be sure that you’re putting your loved one’s remains to rest in a place where they will be able to reside in peace.

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