The Advantages of a Permanent Resting Place

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When a family chooses cremation services near Dale City, VA, as the method of disposition for their loved one, they will have several different options for how to handle their cremated remains. One common thing that many families do is to store their loved one’s ashes in an urn to be kept in the home. Another common request is to scatter their ashes in a beloved place. The most familiar alternative to these options is interment.

Interment can refer to a couple of different things. One is the placing and sealing of cremated remains into a columbarium niche. This is an above-ground building that is intended to hold the ashes of many different people, with each of their niches permanently marked as their place of rest. The alternative to this is burial. Many people choose to have their loved one’s ashes buried in an urn, and they can be laid to rest amongst their other family members this way.

For those who didn’t choose traditional burial, but still want a way to permanently lay their loved one’s remains to rest, interment is the best solution. So, why do people want a final and permanent resting place for their loved ones? For one thing, it provides a place for family and friends to visit their loved one at any time they wish. If a family chooses to store their loved one’s ashes inside their home, it may make it more difficult for others to pay a visit to their remains. Whether they want to visit because of a special occasion, or simply to be near to them, it’s comforting to know that there is somewhere you can go.

For those who choose ahead of time what should be done with their remains after their death, there are also reasons to choose a permanent resting place. Many people find solace in knowing that they will be remembered in some way after they are gone. Future generations can visit their loved one’s place of rest to feel closer to their past. Even those who are simply passing through can see the name and details about the person who is laid to rest there, allowing their memory to live on in some way. Additionally, if a family chooses to store their loved one’s ashes in an urn in their home, there is a risk of the urn becoming broken, misplaced, or even lost completely over the years. Interment avoids all these risks completely.

There are many reasons why a person may desire a permanent resting place for themselves or for a loved one. If you cannot decide what to do with your loved one’s remains, or you have multiple different ways you want to lay them to rest, then this is possible. For instance, you could scatter a small amount of their ashes before having the rest of them interred. Your provider of cremation services near Dale City, VA, can help you get everything set up in the way you want it. Then, you can find peace knowing that your loved one has been laid to rest in the way they would have wanted.

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