The Benefits of Pre-Planning

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One of the more difficult aspects of facing illness or death is making complicated decisions when already emotionally and mentally overwhelmed. Estate planning for the end of life can help provide peace of mind for the individual making the arrangements as well as their loved ones. One element that is often overlooked, however, is making pre-arrangements with a funeral home.

There is an increasing desire among those planning funeral or memorial services for a more personalized ceremony that celebrates the life of the individual who has passed. Many people wish to choose the elements of their final arrangements themselves. Pre-planning ensures that your final wishes are followed, and also takes the pressure of decision making off of your loved ones after your death. This can bring great comfort to them and allow them the ability to grieve and heal more easily.

Many decisions can be made ahead of time. You can ask yourself~ in what ways do you want your service to be a lasting memory for your loved ones? Should there be a burial or cremation? Do you wish for the ceremony to be held at a church, our chapel, or another location? Should it be a religious ceremony, secular, or a blend? What special music would you like played? Are there any poems or readings that you would like shared? Who would you like to officiate your service? These are just some of the details that can be arranged in advance.

There are also financial benefits to pre-planning. Partial or complete payments can be made ahead of time. This can help alleviate the financial burden incurred by loved ones as well as help keep costs down by the possibility of locking in current prices.

We at Morrissett Funeral & Cremation Service want to help make the planning process as easy as possible for you and your family. A pre-planning meeting can be set up with one of our specialists, and the session is completely free. During that time you can discuss exact details of your final arrangements, including cost and personalizations. Click here for more information about preplanning. We also have a resource guide to help you answer some of the most important questions as you begin to finalize your wishes.

Pre-planning is one of the greatest gifts you can give to those you love. Call us at (804) 275-7828 to discuss how we can help you with your pre-planning needs.


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