Tips for Writing an Obituary

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One of the tasks that must be undertaken after a loved one passes away is writing their obituary. You may need to write it, or you may delegate the job to the writer in your family. Obituaries serve a couple of purposes. They serve as a public announcement of death, letting the community know about your loved one’s passing. However, they can also be a lasting document that future generations can access to learn more about their family. Your funeral home near Dale City, VA, can help you find out where and how to publish your loved one’s obituary. Here are some ideas for things you may want to include.

To begin with, you’ll want to include all the basic information about your loved one. This would include their name, dates (and places) of birth and death, and the names of their parents, siblings, children, and even grandchildren. You can describe where they were born and lived throughout their life, where they went to school, and where they worked. If they spent time serving in the military, you’ll likely want to include some details about where and when they served, and within which branch. If they spent a great deal of their life serving our country, there may be greater detail which you want to include.

After you get the basics out of the way, you can delve a little bit deeper into who they were. Think about how they spent their time – did they love to travel? Perhaps they kept a garden, played an instrument, or loved to spend their time hiking outdoors. Were they active in their community? Maybe they dedicated a lot of time to their church, or they spent their free hours volunteering at their local animal shelter. Whatever they chose to do, these are the things that made them who they were. Sharing these details in their obituary can help it become a loving tribute to the person you lost.

funeral home near Dale City, VAAnother idea that you can consider is including some special memories or stories about the person who has passed. Ask family and friends what they remember most about the person. Perhaps there’s one story that many people remember, or maybe there was a particular quote that the person loved to say. There could be a special bible verse or phrase that reminds you of them that you could include, as well. These are a few suggestions that can help you make the document more special and personal.

Remember that once published, an obituary becomes a permanent public document, which can be accessed at any time in the future. Obituaries help many families complete their ancestral family trees, and they also give greater insight into what their family was really like. More immediately, obituaries serve as announcements to the community that a person has passed away. Some families choose to make these documents very personal, including a colorful description of their loved one’s personality and life. Your funeral home near Dale City, VA, can help you figure out where and how to publish your loved one’s obituary.

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