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December 2, 2021
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Losing a loved one is incredibly difficult for all of the deceased’s family and friends. This also includes children. In many cases, children do not have a strong grasp on the concept of death. Funeral homes in Dale City, VA can assist you with planning an open casket funeral. Use the following tips to help prepare a child for this type of service for a loved one:

Explain the Concept of Death in an Age Appropriate Manner

Before attending an open casket funeral for a deceased loved one, it is very helpful to explain the concept of death to your child. Do so in a gentle manner, but make sure that your child understands that it is a permanent condition. Children should know that their deceased loved one is not going to wake up.

If your family belongs to a religious faith or has beliefs about the afterlife, you can include these thoughts in the conversation. Be open about death with your child, and leave time for him or her to ask any question that he or she may have.

Tell Your Child That Their Deceased Loved One May Look Different

Even if you have explained the concept of death to your child, he or she may not realize that a body can look different after death. Funeral homes employ experienced professionals who prepare bodies for open-casket funerals. The deceased’s hair is often styled, and cosmetics are usually used.

However, a deceased body in a casket may not look exactly the same as the person did in life. This is especially true if your loved one passed away due to an accident, injuries, or a serious illness. Preparing a child for this fact can prevent him or her from being shocked when standing in front of the open casket.

Plan on Escorting Your Child to the Casket

Viewing the deceased body of a loved one can be uncomfortable for people of all ages. If your child plans on viewing the body of their loved one at the funeral, make sure that you are by his or her side. Most children don’t attend funerals unless the service is for a family member or close family friend, so viewing the body can be hard for a child, and may elicit strong emotions.

Being close by can provide great comfort and support for your child. You will also be able to help him or her if seeing the body is tooFuneral home in Dale City, VA overwhelming. Many people feel that seeing a deceased loved one prior to burial or cremation can provide closure. However, if your child changes his or her mind about viewing the body at the last minute, make sure to say that is okay.

Almost all funeral homes in Daly City, VA can accommodate open-casket funerals. You can count on the funeral home staff to take care in preparing your loved one’s body to be viewed one last time. If you need to plan an open casket funeral, contact Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service at (804)-275-7828. Stay in the know, find us on the web.

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