What are Your Options for Cremation Services?

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cremation services near Midlothian, VA

Many people choose cremation because it is generally a more inexpensive option when compared to traditional burial. Others choose cremation because of the freedom it allows for planning a memorial service. Still others opt for cremation because of the lessened environmental impact it has. When seeking cremation services near Midlothian, VA, it’s important to know all your options. Most funeral homes offer a similar set of alternatives when it comes to cremation services.

The most basic and affordable option is direct cremation. This option includes the transfer and transportation of your loved one into the funeral home’s care to be cremated. They will help you obtain all the legal documentation that is necessary after death. After cremation, the remains are returned as ashes to the family of the deceased. You have the option to purchase an urn to store the ashes in, as well. Some people who choose direct cremation will plan their own memorial service for their loved one, but some do not.

A step above direct cremation is simple cremation. It generally involves immediate cremation, often allowing for a small private viewing for close family. If you are able to have the private viewing relatively soon after your loved one’s passing, embalming will not be necessary. However, if it cannot take place until a day or so afterwards, embalming will be recommended or required. It is often seen as an integral part of the grieving process for close family to view the body of the deceased. It helps to give closure, and accept the reality of their death. After the cremation has taken place, most families choose to hold a memorial service for their loved one at the funeral home or their place of worship. This can be held with or without the ashes present. The memorial service is also seen as an important step in the grieving process, helping the family to move forward in dealing with their loss.

cremation services near Midlothian, VASome people may want to hold a traditional viewing or visitation, followed by a funeral, prior to cremation. In this case, if there is a viewing planned, embalming will be necessary. You can either purchase a casket that can be put into the crematory, or use a rental casket for the services. The viewing or visitation traditionally occur the day before the funeral, allowing for people to make plans according to their schedule. The funeral takes place either at the funeral home, or at a place of worship. Rather than transporting the body to the cemetery, the funeral is followed immediately by the cremation process.

Each of these options offers different benefits, and your budget and preferences will help you make the best decision for your family. When seeking cremation services near Midlothian, VA, be sure to ask your funeral home about the types of services they offer and how the pricing works. They will be able to sit down with you and help you come up with a plan that will work best for your family. Call them anytime, whether you want to make arrangements ahead of time, or if you are in immediate need.

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