What Benefits are Available for Veteran’s Funerals?

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There are many benefits available for veterans who have served in our military. At your funeral home near Midlothian, VA, you will be able to apply for many of these benefits with the guidance of the funeral director or staff. These range from a flag ceremony to burial in a national cemetery. You’ll simply have to speak with the VA to find out more about the requirements for each benefit.

Most veterans’ families can receive some compensation for their burial and funeral costs. If your loved one’s death was service related, there may be even more compensation available. If you choose a national or state military cemetery for their burial, you should not have to purchase a plot or pay for the burial. Additionally, spouses and minor children of those who served are eligible for burial in a national cemetery. Even if you wish for your veteran loved one to be buried in another cemetery that is not related to the military, you can still get compensation.

When it comes to headstones and grave markers, you can typically get help with these as well. If they are buried in a national cemetery, they will receive a headstone that is inscribed with their name, dates of birth and death, and which branch of the military they served in. There are also additional details that are optional to include, such as years served, rank, war service, valor awards, and more. The appearance and materials used for the grave marker will depend on the cemetery they are to be buried in. If your loved one is to be buried in any other cemetery that is not a VA or national cemetery, then the gravestone will be provided and transported, but the cost of placing it on the grave is paid for by the family. These must be applied for to the VA. If your loved one’s remains are not available for burial, you may apply to receive a headstone or marker for a memorial plot in a national cemetery. These will appear similar to the other headstones, but will contain the words “In Memory Of” at the top.

funeral home near Midlothian, VAIn addition to these benefits, you can receive a US flag to be draped over your loved one’s casket, as well as a flag ceremony to be performed. Many people choose to have a rifle guard at their loved one’s funeral, and to have Taps played. You can ask your VA office about what is required to receive these services.

Taking advantage of the benefits offered by the VA for veterans will allow you to have a meaningful funeral and burial in their honor. The years they spent in service of our country deserve to be remembered forever. At your funeral home near Midlothian, VA, you can find out more about what benefits you and your family are eligible for. Whether you are looking for help with covering burial costs, or you would like to have some of the traditional ceremonial rites performed at your loved one’s funeral, you can take advantage of these by contacting the VA.

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