What Costs are Involved with Traditional Funeral and Burial?

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One of the unfortunate facts of life is that we will likely be faced with the prospect of planning a funeral for a loved one at some point. It’s a difficult thing to have to do during a time of emotional distress and grief. Sometimes the costs can quickly add up, and it’s wise to educate yourself on what each different expense entails. At your local funeral home near Dale City, VA, you can see a detailed price list, so that you can keep track of every penny you’re spending.

There will be certain unavoidable expenses that are associated with every funeral, no matter what other options you choose to add on. Often, these are fees that are associated with use of the funeral home and the services that the funeral director provides. They will help you make all your arrangements and provide a place for the funeral to take place, as well as oversee all the services for you. If there is to be a burial, you’ll have to purchase some type of casket, as well as a burial plot at a cemetery. If you choose to host a viewing prior to the funeral, embalming fees will be charged. There will be fees associated with either visitation or viewing services, and they will change depending on how many hours you choose for the viewing to last.

In addition to these basic costs, you can hire a certified funeral celebrant, who can provide a personalized service honoring your loved one. You can opt for a graveside service as well, which many people choose for burial services. If you don’t want to have a visitation or viewing that is open to the public, you can have a smaller private viewing for a more inexpensive price. If you want the use of a reception room before or after the funeral, that will come with an additional cost as well. There may also be costs associated with things like transfer of the deceased to and from the funeral home, and the rental of a hearse.

funeral home near Dale City, VAIn addition to all these optional services, there are many different types of merchandise that you may choose to purchase. Of course, you will likely need a casket (or an urn in the case of cremation). In addition to these, you may choose to purchase thank you cards, a register book, prayer cards, a flag case, balloon release, and many other items to personalize your loved one’s services. You can choose as many or as few of these as you wish.

At your funeral home near Dale City, VA, you can ask the staff for a full price list. This should be detailed and easy to understand, so that you know where every dollar you’re spending is going. If you have any questions or unique requests, don’t be afraid to ask the funeral director if they can help you arrange what you need. Their goal is to make sure that you have as much assistance as possible during your time of need. As long as you are aware of all the associated costs, you will be able to better prepare your budget.

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