Key Responsibilities of a Funeral Director

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When a loved one passes away, planning a funeral becomes a necessary task. With luck, the deceased will have left you some plans, or at least an idea of what kind of arrangements they wanted. They may have even chosen a funeral home near Midlothian, VA, for their funeral to take place. When you speak to the funeral home, the funeral director will be your biggest ally. They are there to help you in many different ways, and they will alleviate some of the burden from your shoulders when it comes to carrying out your loved one’s wishes.

One aspect of the funeral director’s duties involves the paperwork and documentation that is required after someone passes away. This includes securing permits and death certificates. Whatever paperwork is necessary to proceed with the funeral, the director will make sure it is acquired. They can also help with submitting the obituary and funeral notices to local papers. Their experience will ensure that each detail is taken care of, no matter how minor it seems.

The main duty of the funeral director is to arrange the funeral plans. They will speak to and coordinate with the clergy, assist with arranging for the burial and graveside services, and help with arrangements for cemetery space. They will also help to arrange transportation for you and your family before and after the funeral. If there is any particular music you wish to be played at the service, they will find and arrange that as well. If your loved one preferred to be cremated, they will make sure all the details and planning is taken care of. If you need any assistance with flowers, memorials, or transportation of the deceased to another location, the director can take care of it. Finally, they will be there during the funeral services to supervise and be of any help they can. That way, you can focus on being with family and friends, taking the time to come together and reminisce, and grieving your loss.

funeral home near Midlothian, VAThere are some other resources offered by the funeral home which can be utilized at no extra cost. These can be used to make the funeral service a personalized, meaningful event. Some of these services include military, police, or fireman honors, veteran benefits, memory boards, a webcast, an organist, and easels to display photos or other memorabilia. There are others as well, and all you have to do is ask your funeral director to tell you more.

Planning for services to take place at a funeral home near Midlothian, VA, can seem overwhelming, but that is why the funeral director is there. At Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service, our dedicated director will take the lead and help you make all the necessary arrangements. Their job is to help ease the burden of planning and arranging a funeral, allowing you to take the time you need to focus on family and friends. Please don’t hesitate to give us a call if you are in immediate need. Otherwise, you can always send us an email to begin making arrangements today.

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