What Exactly is Interment?

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For most of history, a permanent resting place has been given to people who have passed away. This is often done with traditional burial in a cemetery. What if someone wanted their remains to be cremated, though? It’s still completely possible to give them a final place of rest, and there are actually multiple ways to do so. Your provider of cremation services near Chesterfield, VA, can help you with making arrangements for cremation and interment for your loved one’s ashes.

Interment involves either the burial of ashes in a cemetery, or the placing of them into a columbarium niche. A columbarium is an above-ground building that is designed to hold many different people’s ashes, with each person’s space marked clearly. Both of these measures provide a final and permanent resting place for cremated remains. Typically, the ashes are placed in an urn prior to interment. There is often a committal service, similar to a graveside burial service, which family and friends can attend. One of the beneficial things about interment is that it provides a place for family and friends to visit their loved one any time they wish. When a family keeps their loved one’s ashes in their home, not everyone might have access to them at any given time. There is also the risk of misplacing or losing their remains as years and generations go by. With interment, neither of these problems are an issue.

Another reason someone could choose interment is due to religious beliefs. As an example, the Catholic Church allows for cremation only if all of the person’s remains will be laid to rest in a permanent place, with a service to accompany it. For families with these beliefs, interment is a necessity. If there are no religious beliefs holding you to this, however, there are some freedoms you have. For instance, your loved one may have wanted some of their ashes to be scattered in a special place or two. You can scatter a small amount of their ashes, and have the rest interred. Additionally, you may want to purchase memorial jewelry or other items for yourself and close family members, so that you can keep a small part of your loved one with you at all times. This is possible to do prior to interment, as well. Whatever works best for your family and follows your loved one’s wishes is generally possible.

There are many different ways you can memorialize a loved one with their ashes. You can store their ashes in an urn in your home, divide them between close family members’ households, scatter their ashes in a special place, or have them interred. Providing a final resting place via interment is very important to many families for a variety of reasons. Your provider of cremation services near Chesterfield, VA, can help you make arrangements for interment, and they can provide you with any merchandise you might need. They’re there to help you every step of the way, so if you want to plan any services beforehand, this is also possible. Then, you can live out your days with confidence that your loved one’s is laid to rest in peace, and you can visit them any time.

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