What Funeral Home and Cremation Fees You can Expect to Pay

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August 16, 2018
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August 20, 2018

Funeral homes and cremation providers may charge fees that vary from one company to another. This is why knowing what to expect in terms of fees can be helpful as you start searching for the right funerary services after the death of a loved one. All funeral home and cremation providers have to show you a price list, but if you do not know what services are necessary and which are optional, you may end up paying more than you want.

The first thing to know is that all funeral homes charge a basic service fee. Once you have decided on the company you will hire and after the first consultation with them, you will be asked to pay this service fee. This fee usually covers the planning of the funeral service, the preparation of the right certificates, the communication with your chosen cemetery or cremation provider, and obtaining all of the burial permits you need.

If you choose to have your loved one cremated, there will be a crematorium basic fee, instead of the funeral home fee. Some people choose to have the funeral home arrange with the crematorium all of the paperwork, but you can do this directly yourself. The crematorium will charge a basic fee for the cremation, which will vary depending on the whether you decide on direct cremation or bio cremation. This fee will also include all of the necessary paperwork and permits required.

After you have paid these basic fees, there are other options you will need to consider. If burial is what you want for your loved one, a casket will probably be necessary. You can purchase from a third party, online, or directly from the funeral home. Many times, it can be less expensive to purchase as part of a burial package. Be sure to ask the funeral home you have chosen about this. If you will be having a funeral service, embalming the body might be required, so this is another fee you will have to keep in mind.

With cremation, you can opt for a casket, as well, but it is not a necessity. Embalming is also not needed, and even an urn is not a requirement. Any container that can transport the remains will do. If you do want an urn, especially if you want to place a loved one in a columbarium niche, funeral homes, crematoriums, and many online businesses have excellent options.

These are the kind of fees you should be ready for when beginning funerary arrangements. By doing a bit of research on funeral homes and cremations in Chester, VA, you will be able to make the best decision. If you have a limited budget, you will want to know exactly what is required and what is optional. Reach out to a company like Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service in 6500 Iron Bridge Rd Richmond, VA 23234. Get started by calling (804) 275-7828.

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