What if Your Loved One Wanted a Celebration of Life?

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Celebrations of life are alternatives to traditional funerals that are becoming more and more common. Many people don’t like the idea of their loved ones in sorrow and grief at their funeral, and they want them to celebrate their life well-lived, instead. While it’s impossible not to suffer from a loss and from grief after the death of a loved one, it is possible for many families to have a more upbeat and celebratory affair in honor of their family member. Your funeral home near Chesterfield, VA, will be able to provide you with resources and help make any necessary arrangements to make this happen.

You might be wondering what exactly happens at a celebration of life. The answer is, there is no answer. Each family is different, and each person is different as well. Honoring one person can look very different from paying tribute to another. Think about what they loved in life: their favorite foods, drinks, music, and their passions. These are all things that you can tie into their celebration of life. Experiencing all these personal details will help everyone in attendance feel closer to the person they lost. When it comes to food, you can go for a more “home-cooked” meal feeling and have it potluck style using their favorite recipes. On the other hand, you could order carry-out food or even have it catered in their favorite cuisine. If you’re providing a bar, you might want to include a favorite toast that everyone can participate in, and you could serve their favorite drink.

You may still want to include a short service or prayer, which can be led by a member of the clergy or by a close family member or friend. Family and friends can be invited up to the front to share fond memories of the person, bringing laughs and tears along with them. If they had certain music that was meaningful to them, you can play this in the background. Some people might even hire a band to play. If they were an avid gardener or plant-lover, you could provide seeds or a small plant to each person who attends, so they can have their own piece of the memorial service to take home. You could even have a fireworks display for everyone to enjoy. These are only a few ideas, and you will know best what will represent and honor your loved one’s memory.

A celebration of life doesn’t have to be without tears, but it doesn’t have to have the somber and sad mood that a traditional funeral typically has. For those who have lived a long and rich life, a celebration is deserved. If you need help with choosing a venue, finding out where to order food or hire help, or you want to purchase some memorial items, you can get together with your funeral home near Chesterfield, VA. They have all the resources and experience to help you make your loved one’s celebration a worthy one that everyone in attendance will remember with fondness and joy.

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