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If you are planning on having a loved one cremated and you have decided on a full cremation, you may not be certain of what that means. Most people tend to think that there is only one kind of cremation, but that is not the case. It can help to know as much as possible about the options you have and what you can expect from a full cremation. Providers of cremation services in Chester, VA can tell you all about this option.

Full cremation includes more services than a direct cremation. This means that it is more expensive, but it also means that you can get the kind of funerary services that you want for your loved one. While a direct cremation only covers the actual process of cremation, a full one can include embalming if you are having a viewing or if you are planning on having a memorial service. Many companies offer different things, so be sure to ask the provider you are considering to see what they include with their full cremation option.

A full cremation is more similar to a traditional burial than a direct cremation. This is because it allows the family to have a memorial service and to get the same kind of added services that a direct cremation does not provide. Keep in mind that it is not as quick a process as a direct cremation, so if you are looking for the fastest option, that is the better one. A full cremation can take as long as a burial, especially if you are opting to have the body embalmed.

You can be present during a full cremation, if that is something that you want to do. For many people this can provide the kind of peace of mind that they need. Although cremation providers never make errors with the cremated remains, if you still have concerns or worries, you can be there as it happens.

As with direct cremation, you do not have to purchase an urn if you do not want to or cannot afford to. You can rent one, if you like, or you can accept the remains in the box that the crematorium has to provide. If you are working with a limited budget and you do not want to spend on an urn, then you do not have to.

By knowing as much as you can about the options available, you can decide on the right cremation services for your loved one. A full cremation can be an excellent option for many families, especially those that want to have a memorial or viewing. If you are still not sure if this is the right choice, reach out to a Chester, VA cremation service provider like us at Morrissett Funeral and Cremation Service. We can help you find the right services for your loved one while still respecting your budget and preferences. Stop by our location at 6500 Iron Bridge Rd Richmond, VA 23234 or call us right now at (804) 275-7828 to learn more.

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