Certified Celebrants

Some people leave their imprints wherever they go as they travel through life. Imprints of their kindness and love, Courage and compassion, Inspiration and Humor. Every life is unique, as is every path has a tale to share.

At Morrissett Funeral Home we have Certified Celebrants who have been trained and certified to meet the needs of grieving families. After consulting with the family and loved ones and coordinating with the funeral home, a Funeral Celebrant provides a tailored and personalized funeral ceremony, memorial service, or tribute to represent the departed personality and lifestyle.

We will visit with the family to provide direction and consultation as they prepare a unique and meaningful funeral to commemorate their loved one. The Celebrant will have a Family Time when they may share their experiences and recollections. A Celebrant has a large collection of materials for readings, music, and other unique rituals to assist families in creating a ceremony that celebrates the life of their loved ones.

Celebrants will work directly with the funeral director on the preparations and parts of the ceremony and are committed to presenting a memorial that represents the individual's lifestyle and values. Your service can include whatever components, music, and readings are appropriate for you and your family.

Meet Morrissett Certified Life Celebrants:

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